Current Status for COVID-19 Travel

Alex and Russell are delighted to welcome you back to the safety and comfort of Porky Beach Retreat and Alexandra’s Airbnb.

Our priority is always to ensure the safety and security of all our guests and team members.  Here at King Island Escapes our focus is ensuring you are comfortable with the increased measures we have put in place around coronavirus (COVID-19).  For your peace of mind, and to provide you enjoy all that our stunning Island has to offer, the below information will assist in guiding you through the increased measures we now have in place to minimise exposure and potential transfer of COVID-19.

Following COVID-19 safe government guidelines, we have introduced the following measures at Porky Beach Retreat and Alexandra’s Airbnb;

Social Distancing – Please keep 1.5 metres apart from each other – especially when other guests are not from within your household.

Good Hygiene – Wash your hands – Using soap and water thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Capacity Restrictions – We are limiting the number of people allowed in each area.

Cleaning – Increased cleaning systems with surfaces more regularly cleaned for your safety.

Cashless Payment – Please pay by card wherever possible

Feeling Unwell – If you’re not feeling well, please return home and seek medical advice.

At the property we will have a contactless thermometer and plenty of hand sanitiser. There will be a folder with the Covid safety requirements at the entrance which is essential to read and understand. Any day visitors must be kept to an absolute minimum due to spacing regulations.

The use of the hot tub and sauna are strictly for paying guests only. Please ensure standard hygiene practices when utilising the sauna and hot tub i.e. shower before use and using towels to sit on in sauna.


Our Clean Commitment 

We have always been committed to extensive cleaning practices at King Island Escapes.  Below are some of the additional practices we have now implemented for your peace of mind;

Cleaning Protocols

We use cleaning products and protocols which meet recommended guidelines and approved for use. Cleaning and sanitation guidelines followed according to the WorkSafe Australia standards and in some instances have been increased to ensure high-touch points thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Personal Protective Equipment

All employees will wear appropriate PPE based on their role and responsibilities and in adherence to state or local regulations and guidance.  Additional PPE use will be implemented where necessary due to COVID-19 recommendations.

Operating times

We now require 1 day either side of each booking to allow for extra cleaning and sanitation of our properties. Therefore back to back bookings are not allowed at this point in time.

In the property and readiness for your stay with us:

    • All appliances are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised ready for your use; including, but not limited to, your television, hairdryer, coffee machine, kettle, diffuser, remote controls, music system, iPods, irons, hangers, board games, each spirit bottle from the Honesty Bar.
    • All high-touch points and surfaces, including door handles, light switches, faucets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.
    • Sauna, Spa and outdoor shower facilities are thoroughly sanitised and cleaned between bookings
    • Upon departure, all linen is removed from the property and is replaced by freshly dry-cleaned linen.


Flexible Booking Policy

Postponement of bookings applies to any bookings that have been impacted by the coronavirus in anyway and/or due to government travel restrictions. We will continue to review our transferrable bookings policy to reassess the situation surrounding Covid-19 and ensure more flexibly for postponements if need be.

Any deposits made towards bookings will be transferred to a credit note. Unfortunately no refunds can be issued. At this stage the use of the credit note can be used to rebook a stay with King Island Escapes at any available dates until June 30 2021*. This credit note may be extended if Covid-19 continues to pose threat on travel within Australia and to King Island at the time.

Thank you for supporting our small business as we navigate business through the pandemic and try to maintain a relaxing and comfortable environment for you to enjoy a much needed escape.

Alex & Russell Quigley

King Island Escapes


*If rebooking by June 30 2021 is in no way achievable please contact us and we will try our best to help out